Crypto Wisdom Coin

Exchange your words of wisdom for coins!

Crypto Wisdom Coin (or CWIS for short) is a digital currency based on distributed blockchain technology. You can obtain CWIS coins by (1) trading something for them from others who have some, (2) by mining it, (3) by providing support or (4) by contributing words of wisdom to this site! Official launch of CWIS is coming September 1st, 2017!

Click here to contribute words of wisdom for some CWIS coins!

(categories are cryptocurrency, computers, Internet, geek life or other technology related)


  • Ubuntu and Windows (currently only minable via wallet debug console "setgenerate true" method)

Block explorer:


  • None (will come later)


  • None (will come later)


Technical Specifications:

  • Total coins: 32,000,000 CWIS
  • Algorithm: Scrypt Proof-Of-Work
  • Block time: 2 minutes
  • Block maturity: 100 confirmations
  • Block reward: 32 CWIS
  • Halving: Every 250,000 blocks

Pre-mine Information:

The first mined block of this coin gave out 8,000,000 CWIS as an insta-mine to be used exclusively for rewarding wisdom givers and bounty hunters.


This coin is a clone of Litecoin and was created by the CWIS team as an experimental cryptocurrency. We declare ourselves not liable for any damages or loss by the mining or use of this coin. Participate at your own risk!

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